Member requirements:

Although it is encouraged for all members to take as much training as they have access to every individual's available time is different. I would also like to point out that there are ZERO requirements to join but there are, however, trainings that must be completed by the end of the first year as well as yearly maintenance.

The best place to receive guidance on training is attending the training meetings. If you have questions or are having difficulty meeting these requirements please contact one of the team officers. Participation is the most important aspect of the team and exceptions can be made for active members with reasonable justifications in not fulfilling a requirement.

Required by end of one year

  • IS-100 and IS-700 are FEMA trainings completed online Links here

  • 2 In person trainings (Yearly maintenance)

  • 2 Net check ins (Yearly maintenance)

  • 1 Operation as net control (Yearly maintenance)

  • Participate in one field operation such as Field day or the yearly SET (Yearly maintenance)

A note on first aid, CPR and similar

There are no first aid requirements. We are not first responders and we will never be asked to deploy to render first aid. We will also never be asked to deploy into a hazardous situation. However please consider taking American Red Cross first aid training and becoming certified. Accidents happen anytime and anywhere. A family member may get hurt or a stranger on the street. A slip and a fall while erecting a mast in the field could mean someone needs immediate attention and when comms could be down. Administering aid in the first few minutes before help arrives can be the difference between life and death.