The Lincoln County RACES communications team provides auxiliary communication for Lincoln County EMA in support of various agencies to ensure the safety of life and property. LC RACES Team members are volunteers who are licensed & trained in communications, public safety and serve the community as a whole.

Volunteers NEEDED!! If you have any interest in volunteering with an emergency communications team please contact us. No prior experience or licenses are required as long as you have the willingness to learn and train!

(207) 579-0571

RACES Officers:

  • John Oakes WC1G, Radio Officer

  • Damon Leibert N1LJK, Assistant Radio Officer

  • Joe Devonshire AB1YO, Assistant Radio Officer

Lincoln County EMA Directors:

  • Casey Stevens KC1GOT, Director

  • Maury Prentiss KB1EZZ, Deputy Director

Team Members:

Training/Meetings are held at 6:00pm second Wednesday of odd months and third Tuesday of even months. Everyone welcome! Please join us and see what the team is about.